Female body in drops of water on skin.
How Much Is Too Much Boob Sweat? When It's Normal And When To See A Doctor
For the most part, boob sweat is natural in hot weather and when working out, so it doesn't need to be completely managed away.
"Underboob sweating is your body's natural way of regulating heat, so as a health professional, I'd certainly not recommend trying to preventing it," says trainer Yvette MacDonald.
However, outside of pregnancy, nursing, and menopause, an excessive amount of boob sweat can indicate hormonal imbalances.
"If you notice that you are unexpectedly sweating more than usual, see your doctor," Dr. Aamer Khan says.
Excessive boob sweat can lead to other serious issues, such as yeast infections and rashes requiring prescription cream treatment.
Dermatologist Dr. Michele Green recommends seeking medical attention if you've developed a rash in your breast area or if your boob sweat smells off.