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How Early In A Relationship Is Too Early To Exchange Christmas Gifts?
Amber Kelleher-Andrews, co-CEO of a matchmaking service, and relationship expert Nicole Moore have some tips on when it’s the right time to get your date a Christmas gift.
While it doesn’t have to be 100% official, “you do want to be certain that the person you’re dating is very interested in you and plans to continue dating you,” Moore pointed out.
Their Feelings
If you’re in an undefined relationship, Moore suggests considering the level of effort that’s been put into the relationship and how the person might respond to getting a gift.
“If you haven’t yet defined the relationship status [...] hold off on an extravagant gift or personal/romantic gift,” Kelleher-Andrews shared.
Choosing The Gift
Kelleher-Andrews suggests basing your gift on how you think they feel for you rather than what you feel for them. “Keep it simple and buy them a thoughtful gift,” she added.
If you’re in the early stages of dating, “avoid lingerie or expensive jewelry and lean into meaningful gestures like a book,” says Kelleher-Andrews.
Gifts To Avoid
Additionally, it’s probably best to keep any tickets or experience presents scheduled for the next few weeks rather than several months down the line.
“If you have strong feelings for the person [...] consider having an open conversation about gift-giving and their expectations,” suggests Kelleher-Andrews.
Having the discussion will also help you to better understand where the person thinks your relationship currently stands and where it may be heading in the future.
“Gift giving really isn’t appropriate until a few weeks before [...] I suggest you wait 10 days before Christmas and see how things are going,” says Kelleher-Andrews.
Wait A Little
According to Moore, if you’re still uncertain, you can also consider an “acts of service gift” instead of gifting your partner something tangible.