A woman wearing glasses works on a laptop computer
Here’s How A Four-Day Workweek Could Impact Women And The Workforce
Working four days a week has gone from a simple idea to a feasible practice. The change could benefit people globally, creating a cultural shift and a better work-life balance.
A major benefit of a four-day workweek is having more time for yourself. Women's worth has long been associated with how good a mother they are.
Therefore, instead of continuously helping others, the four-day workweek could provide women the opportunity to finally focus on themselves and improve their mental well-being.
Alternatively, men are encouraged to work more and be providers. With a four-day workweek, fathers can spend more time with their children so women have more time for themselves.
A survey by 4 Day Week Global found that 22% of men spent more time with their kids and 23% spent more time doing housework while operating under a four-day workweek.
That extra time would give women the freedom to cultivate hobbies and friendships, which would be time well spent, as hanging out with friends can really boost mental health.