Game-Changing Tips That Will Help You Master Winged Eyeliner

A woman applying eyeliner to her hooded eyes
When it comes to doing winged eyeliner, a good rule of thumb is that your eyes should be sisters, not twins. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just symmetrical.
Don't be afraid to utilize tools to make applying winged eyeliner easier. A felt tip pen is the best product to use, but there are other tricks you can try to master this look.
First, hold the pen in the direction of your lash line (rather than upright or downward), then line your eyes, drawing the wing as if it were an extension of your lower lash line.
Using a straight object — like the thin handle of a brush — add one dot where the end of the wing will go and another at the midpoint, then connect them and thicken as desired.
Try another great hack after drawing the wing by using concealer and a flat brush to go over the outer edge of the wing, cleaning up any smudges or imperfections.
Lastly, you can place under-eye masks to use as a guide for drawing the wing. The masks will hydrate your eyes and are better for long-term skin care practices than using tape.