A woman with highlighted hair, smiling.
Foilyage: What It Is And How It Can Level Up Your Hair Color
The foilyage method uses balayage and traditional foiling highlights to create a brighter and more defined result, while still having that subtle, painted-on effect.
Foilyage has the same approach as balayage, where the lightener is painted on sections across the head, with the pieces becoming thicker toward the ends for a gradient-like effect.
Since this involves a lot of precision, the process can take anywhere from one to four hours or more, depending on the length and natural color of your hair.
According to InStyle, foilyage is brighter and more consistent than balayage and can help those with dark hair achieve a pop of color. The style also requires minimal touch-ups.
It’s important to note that the average rate for foilyage ranges from $250 to $400 per session, depending on the length of your hair and where you live.
To maintain your foilyage, opt for hair gloss and a color-safe shampoo instead of purple shampoo as it’ll help sustain your hair dye while effectively washing the hair and scalp.