A rose tattooed behind an ear.
Flash Tattoos: What Are They, And Are They Right For You?
A flash tattoo is a pre-drawn design that’s ready to be tattooed right away. According to Stories and Ink, the term “flash” originated in an era when tattooing was illegal.
Flash designs come in an array of styles, ranging from American traditional roses and skulls to the artist’s original creations. Usually, a design binder is available for browsing.
Flash tattoos are usually cheaper because they’re pre-designed and take less time. The price depends on your area and tattoo size but will typically range between $100-200.
Most flash tattoos are completed in about an hour during a single session. They’re meant to be quick, making them a suitable choice for a first tattoo.
These tattoos vary in size but are generally smaller and easily concealable. While black ink is commonly used, many artists also offer color designs and minor customizations.