Multiple clones of one young woman cleaning a kitchen
Even When Women Are The Breadwinners, Studies Show They Still Do More Housework
Many wives are out-earning or at the least rivaling their husbands' salaries, but regardless, the dynamic is anything but equal when it comes to household chores.
"We've been conditioned to value [women's time] less than men's time. And we, as a society, we protect men's time," says author Eve Rodsky who proposes equitable chore sharing.
A Pew Research Center study found that 29% of marriages were deemed egalitarian, but females still spent more time on household chores and domestic tasks than their male partners.
While the females spent an average of 4.6 hours a week on domestic tasks with 21.6 hours of leisure time, their husbands spent 1.9 hours on tasks and 25.2 hours on leisure.
For those with kids, wives reported 5.1 hours of housework and 12.2 hours of caregiving each week, compared to their husbands' 2.2 hours of housework and 9 hours as caregivers.
"I think a big reason is simply that men are happy for their partner to bring home another paycheck, but aren't as happy to do more chores," NYT journalist Claire Cain Miller says.