Cream nails with dotted nail art.
Eggnog Nails Are Bringing The Milk Manicure To The Holidays This Year
Eggnog nails are the holiday twist on the milk nails we saw over the summer of 2023. Since the eggnog shade is neutral, there are many ways to amp up the look for the holidays.
There’s no doubt that eggnog nails on their own are stunning, and just having the creamy shade on your nails can be enough to pull off this twist on milk nails.
Keep It Simple
To achieve this festive manicure, which looks like little bits of cinnamon floating in the eggnog, just add a little glitter to your cream-shaded nails.
Spiced Eggnog
If you like keeping things minimal, consider adding glitter to just one section of the nail, for a concentrated collection of sparkle.
Just A Little Glitter
Eggnog nails work as a great base to show off some nail art. Consider adding holiday-themed nail art to acknowledge anything you may be celebrating this season.
Add Nail Art