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Easy Tips To Fake A Voluminous Ponytail If You Have Fine Hair
Those with fine hair may have to choose between length and volume when it comes to voluminous ponytails, but with this tip from hairstylist Chris Appleton, both are possible.
To start, set the stage for height by adding volumizing products to your hair routine all the way from wash to dry. This will help you get the fullness you desire.
For a half-up-half-down pony, use Appleton's mini-pigtail-flip hack. Take the front of your hair, from the hairline to the crown, and split it into two tiny pigtails.
Secure them with elastics and connect them with a third elastic. Flip them through by pulling the pony back to the front and cinch it down to give the illusion of lots of hair.
In Appleton's second hack, he shows how the first ponytail you make does most of the work. Known as an anchor pony, it helps prevent your hair from drooping.
If you want to ensure this doesn't happen with your mini-pigtails, place two bobby pins vertically at the back of the pony. Lay your hair over them and your pony will be high.