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Does Your Sibling Disapprove Of Your Relationship? Here’s How To Deal
When talking with your sibling, open up the lines of communication in a calm and respectful way so they don't feel attacked. Try to see things from their point of view.
Neuropsychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez says to "try and understand the reason behind your sibling's disapproval. They might have valid concerns or reasons for their opinion."
If you're close to your sibling, their disapproval of your partner can be painful. You can't keep this pain to yourself, so you must share your feelings.
Share Your Feelings
Explain to your sibling why you believe your partner is a good fit for you. If they care about you and your happiness, they should at least open their mind to what you have to say.
If your sibling refuses to let their disapproval go, set boundaries so you can maintain both relationships. You shouldn't have to choose between family and love.
Set Boundaries
Dr. Hafeez says to "Explore potential compromises or solutions that could help improve the relationship between your sibling and your partner," like bonding over common interests.
It's important to have a support network, meaning one or two close family members you can turn to so you don't feel like you're stranded on an island by yourself.
Seek Support
If the issue is beyond the help of family members, seeking a therapist is a good idea. Sibling therapy might be what you need to get to the root of the problem.
Sometimes, your sibling needs time to warm up to your partner. "Be patient and give your sibling the opportunity to get to know your partner better," said Dr. Hafeez.
Give It Time
The opinion of your sibling might change as they see the positives from your relationship, so don't give up just yet. Your sibling might end up loving your partner.