‘Delusionship’: The Viral & Relatable TikTok Dating Trend

A woman smiles over her shoulder at a guy walking past her in the library stacks.
TikTok has recently added a new term to our dating lexicon: ‘delusionship’. The term has over 28 million tags on TikTok, so it’s obviously very relatable.
As dating expert at Match, Hayley Quinn, explained to Cosmopolitan, delusionships “are sustained by a fantasy of what it might be like to be with someone.”
“This could be a great first date who ghosted you, an ex that's never quite left your mind, or someone you have a crush on that's never translated into an IRL date," she continued.
The broadness of the term makes it popular (and probably why so many people have declared themselves 'delulus,' or those that participate in delusionships).
Delusionships can help you answer potential compatibility questions and your relationship requirements. Fantasizing about finding love may mean you're ready to find it in reality.
This can be particularly useful for those who might still be recovering from heartbreak or those who haven't yet defined what they want in a romantic partner or relationship.
However, it’s vital to ensure that your fantasizing doesn't cross over into limerance (idealizing someone to a state of perfection while ignoring the reality of their flaws.)
Becoming disconnected from the reality of a specific situation or person can be obsessive and even destructive and increases the likelihood that you’ll experience disappointment.
Bumble dating coach Dr. Caroline West told Glamour, "It's okay to daydream about people and potential relationships." Just spend more time on yourself than on your fantasy.