A woman with curve bangs looking to the side
Curve Bangs: The Easy, Dynamic Hair Trend That Works For Everyone
Curve bangs combine two different styles: the curve cut, which has soft layers curving in to cup the cheeks and chin, and the curtain bangs that frame the forehead and cheeks.
This style works for any face shape and looks great whether your hair is up or down. It's also low maintenance since the layers keep framing your face as they grow out.
When you ask for curve bangs, bring a few pictures for inspiration. Salon owner Louise O’Connor said to include a photo that shows where you want the bangs to hit your jawline.
Explain to your stylist that you want your bangs to look breezy and move effortlessly so they can determine the layering techniques that would work with your hair type and texture.
Curve bangs look best when cut long enough to graze the jawline, they also work at earlobe length. You can also pair them with a blunt fringe for a more dramatic look.
To style curve bangs, part your hair in the middle and use a large round brush to curl the bangs inward as you blow dry them. You can also use a curling iron with a large barrel.