A bottle of oil next to half a coconut.
Coconut Oil - The One Ingredient Your Nailcare Routine Needs
Coconut oil has a host of benefits when incorporated into your nailcare routine. It can strengthen your nails, halt unsightly splits and peels, and treat damaged cuticles.
If you’re applying coconut oil as part of a manicure routine, do it after your nail polish is totally dry or cured, to avoid accidentally wiping or washing the oil off.
Make sure you give your hands and feet a good wash and dry them before applying the oil. When it comes to the type, unrefined coconut oil is preferred over its virgin variant.
For best results, massage the coconut oil onto your cuticles as well as your fingernails and toenails. Then, leave it there to soak in for a minimum of 30 minutes.
You can also put on some moisture socks or gloves after applying the coconut oil to hold and lock in moisture and get the added benefits while you sleep.
To remove excess oil, blot your hands and feet with a towel or a dry cloth. For optimal results, add coconut oil to your nailcare routine at least two to four times a week.