The cherry mocha nail trend
“Cherry Mocha Nails”: The Moody Trend Your Manicure Needs
For a classic take on this trend, opt for simple, glossy nails in a cherry mocha shade. It proves exactly why this dark and elegant shade is so popular.
Popular throughout 2023, aura nails can be combined with the cherry mocha nail look for a glowy twist. It lets you try a couple of different cherry mocha shades.
Alter the cherry mocha look by adding an accent nail to your hand. In this case, it's a fun and eye-catching metallic foil design, but it can be anything you want.
Cherry mocha nails with glitter is a look that can carry through the season. Despite being a fall staple, this glittery combo can easily be worn through the end of the year.
To try cherry mocha nails in a lighter way, make the whole look holographic, which is a glitter style that shines all different colors, like a rainbow.