Pink cashmere nails
"Cashmere Nails" Are The Ultimate Luxe Manicure Trend To Try
Cashmere nails are the latest way to make neutral nails look luxurious. They combine the soft warmth of a cashmere sweater with a little velvety shine.
Nail artist Mazz Hanna told Byrdie, "Cashmere nails are typically a neutral-colored polish with reflective glitter or magnetic polish to reflect the soft, cozy look of cashmere."
Metallic nail polish contains minuscule metal bits, which are manipulated by a magnet in the polish bottle to form a pattern that makes the nails look holographic.
While beige may be the first neutral color that comes to mind, feel free to experiment with other colors that provide a rich sheen like caramel, opal, platinum, or silver.
Beyond Basic
Apply a base coat and a layer of magnetic polish, placing the magnet about half an inch away from each side of your nails for 15 to 30 seconds. Once they dry, repeat the steps.
Embrace fall colors like pumpkin orange, deep red, earthy green, and jewel tones. To avoid muddying up the shades, use polishes that feature different metallic patterns.
Keep the magnet parallel to the sides and move it up and down to bring out the shine. Then use the magnet wand on top or beneath the nail to manipulate the bits into a pattern.
Bring your galaxy fantasies to life in the form of cashmere nails by using dark and opaque base colors. Create multi-colored swirls that resemble stellar formations.
If you’re not confident with a magnetic wand, you can rely on stickers and 3D nail art to realize your vision. Add them after you’ve applied a glossy top coat.