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5 Tips For Owning It As The Only Single Person In Your Friend Group
1. Everything happens in its own time
Remember there is no deadline for happiness, and there are plenty of benefits to waiting to meet The One, including using your time alone to get to know yourself better.
Relationship therapist Brandy Engler Ph.D. says the single years can teach people to be self-defining, so they know what they want and how to ask for it later in a marriage.
2. Know It's Not Just You
Challenging as it may feel, watching your friends experience marriage before you can give you a better perspective of what you do and don't want from a relationship.
It might seem like you're the only one without a partner, but a 2019 survey found that more than half of Americans aged between 18 and 34 weren't in a steady relationship.
3. Make the Most Of your Freedom
Being single comes with freedom; you could be the only one in your circle who can do whatever you want without considering someone else.
"Relationships are 'mentally' expensive," relationship expert and author Susan Winter says. "Intimacy and partnership take up a lot of space in our heads."
4. Be Open With Your Feelings
The best way to own your singledom is to be honest with everyone — including yourself — about how it feels to be the only single in the group.
Not only will sharing your feelings be great practice for when you get into a relationship, but it can also wash away some of those feelings of resentment.
5. Only you can Make Yourself Happy
Society suggests that being in a relationship will make us happy, but it's important to remember that the only person on earth that can truly make you happy is yourself.