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30 Books You Need To Read To Better Understand Reproductive Rights
Our Bodies, Our Crimes
by Jeanne Flavin
In this book, Flavin highlights the dangers many women face if they don't have access to contraception or are not properly educated about reproduction and their rights.
The Birth of the Pill
by Jonathan Eig
Eig explains the origin of the contraception tablet through four real-life, interconnecting stories about how it rose to prominence and the difficulties that came with it.
Reproductive Justice
by Loretta J. Ross and Rickie Solinger
This book tells the story of reproductive politics from the perspective of women of color and how their and other marginalized groups' experiences differ from the majority.
Jane Against the World
by Karen Blumenthal
Blumenthal's 2020 book focuses on the work of reproductive rights activist and lawyer Sarah Weddington, recounting how she was one pivotal figure for Roe v. Wade in the 1970s.
Motherhood and Choice
by Amrita Nandy
Nandy's book highlights Indian parenthood while prompting the reader to compare rights in the U.S. to those worldwide, especially regarding motherhood and what it truly means.