Quiz: If You Claim To Be A World Traveller, You Better Pass This Test!

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Only people lucky enough to travel the world, will pass this quiz. Can you?

If you can make the claim that you are a world traveler, then you should have no problems acing this quiz!

 Oct 19, 2018
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Travel destinations like London, Berlin, Hollywood, India, and Paris are obvious spots that a world traveler like you knows about! You also know things about travel including how early you should arrive at an airport before your flight, what's the title of the cruise ship driver, and where the Taj Mahal is located! You also know where to find The Colosseum and King Tut's Tomb! These are some majorly exquisite and special travel destinations but since you are such a world traveler, you know about all of them!

You know how to dress for specific climates and weather patterns while traveling far distances from home which is a skill that a world traveler could only learn after a lot of practice! World travel is such a beautiful adventure, every time a trip or excursion is embarked upon. There are always new things to learn, new things to try, and new things to discover. You probably love exploring hole in the wall restaurants to experience new flavors of food with different textures and aromas. You probably know how to avoid pickpockets and tourist thieves because you know how to avoid looking like a tourist! Wherever you go, you tend to fit in with the locals because you are accustomed to knowing your way around! Reading maps is easy for a traveler like you and trying new things is a no-brainer! Take this quiz to prove how much of a world traveler you really are!

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