22 Questions To Test Your Knowledge Of US History. How Much Do You Know?

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Was American History your best subject?

Studying American History back in school was cool because we learned so much! How much of that knowledge have you retained?

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Are you proud to be an American? We are too! We live in the land of the free and it is such a beautiful blessing! As long as we follow the laws of our land, we have freedom to worship in any religion we choose, love whoever we choose to love, work wherever we want to work, and much more! There are other countries in the world today filled with people who are controlled by the governments… they are not allowed to access internet, educate themselves, have more than a certain number of children, or even fall in love with who they want to fall in love with! Here in America, we are free to do all of those things and more! Being an American citizen is one of the most incredible things ever and we are simply so blessed to live here! Knowing about the history and important historical facts of our nation is important for those of us who claim to be super patriotic! Being proud to be an American means keeping up with the details in history of how we got to this point in society today. We have been through several wars and different major events that have brought us to this day! Our American presidents have each taken time in their lives to create positive change and take strong actions towards improving our delightful country! Even just taking the time to reflect on the Declaration of Independence is a nice thing to do. That document is so life-changing and paramount!

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