Quiz: Only A U.S History Buff Will Know All Of These American Secrets

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Can you crack the codes?

America is known for having a long list of interesting secrets! Do you know all of these historical srets?

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America has a long list of interesting secrets! These secrets have come to the public light and that is why we are able to have open and honest conversations about them today. For example, we all now know that an evil and a despicable man named John Wilkes Booth was the person who shot and killed Abraham Lincoln at the Washington theater during April 1865. John Wilkes Booth was an angry Confederate sympathizer and he believed that slavery was "one of the greatest blessings...God ever bestowed upon a favored nation." He was angry that Lincoln put an end to something he loved so much and he took it upon himself to end a life.

Another secret that came to light was about another evil and corrupt man named John F. Schrank. He was known for shooting Theodore Roosevelt as Roosevelt was leaving a hotel in Milwaukee. The former president was on his way to make a speech during his Bull Moose campaign during the year 1912. This gun was fired pretty close to the former president but it passed through a few other items before lodging in his lung.

America will also forever remember the story about a sick and horrible man named Lee Harvey Oswald. He was the guy who shot and killed John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Now it's time for a question to come to light. Do you know all of American greatest secrets? If you truly believe you know America's dark past through and through then you have come to the right place! This quiz will ask you about the most memorable and questionable historical secrets. Can you crack their codes?

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