Quiz: The Ultimate Synonyms and Antonyms Test... Can You Pass?

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Pass this Ultimate Synonyms and Antonyms test!

Think you know your Synonyms and Antonyms better than the next woman? Well then prove it by acing this test!

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This ultimate synonyms and antonyms test is for women who know that happy also means ecstatic, elated, and joyful! You have got to know that the opposite of happy is sad, depressed, or dejected! The words that share the same meaning as happy are synonyms while the words that carry an opposite meaning are the antonyms! These are a big deal when it comes to the English language because it is always fun to be able to pluck boring words out and replace them with more lively words instead! It is also good to know what the opposite of each word is in order to have a stronger and more mature vocabulary! A word like "big" has a lot of synonyms! "Large, giant, huge, immense, and wide" are just a few! It also has a lot of antonyms like tiny, small, miniature, microscopic, and bite-sized! These are such cool words to be able to grab out of the hat inside your brain when you are writing something down or speaking with a friend! The dictionary definition of a synonym says this: "To state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of". The dictionary definition of an antonym says this: "A word opposite in meaning to another". These definitions pretty much make it very clear! These aspects of the English language are what makes the English language so much fun and enjoyable! Swapping out one word for another, or discussing one word's opposite meaning can be extremely fun and entertaining!

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