Quiz: The Ultimate Spelling Challenge (Difficulty Level: Expert)

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Are you an expert speller?

Being able to spell tough and tricky words comes in handy! Are you the type who can spell these words without a problem?

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Are you the type who knows how to spell tough words without any help? Can you spell difficult words without the help of a dictionary or a Google search? Do you consider yourself the type of person who can take home the crown during a spelling bee competition?

If you answered yes to those questions, good for you! You are truly in the right place! Michael Morpurgo mentioned spelling when he said, "It is really important that focusing on things such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, and handwriting doesn't inhibit the creative flow. When I was at school there was a huge focus on copying and testing and it put me off words and stories for years." Brenda Lee mentioned it as well when she said, "I always loved reading. I always was the spelling bee champion. I always loved words. I always wanted to know what they meant, why you used them, who first said them. I was always interested in that."

If you can relate to her, then you are doing well for yourself brain-wise! Take this quiz to see if you are really an expert like you think!

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