Quiz: Only A Portland Local Could Ace This Ultimate Coffee Quiz, Can You?


Do you absolutely love coffee?

Coffee is one of the best things people can drink! It is so warm and delicious! How much do you know about it?

 Jan 06, 2019

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What is in an Americano?
Espresso and hot water
Espresso and whipped cream
Espresso and steamed milk

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What is in a latte?
Espresso and cocoa powder
Espresso and ice
Espresso and steamed milk

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What coffee shop is this?
Klatch Coffee
The Coffee Bean

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A French Press is also known as what?
Cafetière à Pestero
Cafetière à Pisatto
Cafetière à Piston

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How many calories is in a cup of black coffee?

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Coffee drinks blended with ice are called what?
Iced Coffees
Coffee Smoothies

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What is in a cappuccino?
Espresso and vanilla syrup
Espresso and milk foam
Espresso and cold water

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What is this machine called?
French Press
Italian Press
Spanish Press

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What country produces the most coffee?

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Where was coffee first discovered?

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How many pounds of coffee (green beans) can be harvested from one tree in one year?
1 lb
2 lb
3 lb

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What is the main difference between a latte and a cappuccino?
A cappuccino has less milk foam than a latte
A cappuccino has more milk foam than a latte

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Approximately how many cups of coffee must one consume for a lethal dose of caffeine?
75 cups
100 cups
50 cups

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Where is Starbucks' headquarters located?
Manhattan, New York
Sacramento, California
Seattle, Washington

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Which country made the first ever drip coffee?

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Which US president drank the most coffee?
President Ronald Reagan
President Bill Clinton
President Theodore Roosevelt

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Which of these are the names of the most common types of coffee bean?
Tactera and Ristretta
Acaisa and Laurina
Arabica and Robusta

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How do coffee beans grow?
On a bush
On trees
On a vine
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