Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know The Torah? Can You Answer 18 Questions?

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See how well you know The Torah?

The Torah is such an amazing book for Jewish people to read through! Do you know a lot about this amazing book?

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The Torah is a wonderful book for people of the Jewish faith to read through and learn from. It guides a lot of healthful and thoughtful ideas for the Jewish community. Meir Soloveichik, a Jewish clergyman, compared the many different religions in the world against Judaism by saying, "For Catholic, Orthodox, and some Protestant Christians, communion involves partaking of the physical real presence of God in the bread and wine of the Eucharist. By contrast, the Torah draws the Jew into engagement with God's infinite mind. Torah learning is the definitive Jewish mode of communion with God." Jonathan Safran Foer, another Jewish clergyman described the Torah by saying, "The Torah is the foundational text for Jewish law, but the Haggadah is our book of living memory. We are not merely telling a story here. We are being called to a radical act of empathy. Here we are, embarking on an ancient, perennial attempt to give human lives - our lives - dignity." Ronen Bergman, an academic genius described the way The Torah has come to be by saying, "For a thousand years after the Dead Sea Scrolls were written, the Jewish holy scriptures - the five parts of the Torah and 19 other holy books - were copied and passed down in the various Jewish communities from generation to generation." Every generation of people born into the Jewish faith can agree that The Torah is extremely important and helpful to their faith. See how much of The Torah you truly know about right now!

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