Quiz: Tell Us About Your Dreams & We'll Tell You What They Really Mean

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What kind of dreams are you experiencing?

Take this quiz if your dreams have been easy to remember lately and see what's really going on in that mind of yours!

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Dreaming about everything we dream about can feel kind of surreal sometimes! Our dreams can be considered representations of our truest desires and are realest wants! When it comes to dreaming during your slumber, you obviously have no control over where your mind will wander. Daydreaming is another story entirely because you are awake and are therefore able to control what you are thinking of and picturing. Envisioning your dream guy, dream car, dream house, dream date, or any other dream fantasy you can imagine in your ideal life. Dreaming at night, on the other hand, can end up causing any image to pop up in that mind of yours. Nightmares included! Having dreams at night about different things can mean that you are truly desiring something in life that you do not have yet. It can also be that you are desiring for something to be pushed out of your current life as well, like a toxic friend, horrible job, or a cheating boyfriend. Our dreams speak volumes so it is important to take the time to sit back and think them through with a conscious mind. A lot of people accomplish this by writing down a detailed description of their dream as soon as they wake up. They do not want to forget a single thought or notion so they quickly jot everything down! Others just let the details of their dream swirl around their mind for awhile until the dream is completely forgotten. Take this quiz for yourself!

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