Quiz: You'll Never Spell The Most Confusing Words Without A Spell Checker

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Does a computer spell-checker have you beat?

It is easy to rely on spell-check to correct our errors but what if you had to live without it? Would you survive? Find out!

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Do you love reading and writing more than the average person? Those of us who love the English language, love being able to properly and correctly spell the words we are using to convey a message! When writing things down, knowing how to spell each individual word in the correct way is very important! It shows others that we know exactly what we are talking about! When it comes to reading, being able to decipher what each word means, even when the word includes silent letters is extremely important! A lot of this learning starts at a young age for people! When we are very little, we begin learning about the letters in the alphabet! Teachers keep it simple to start with our A, B, C's, and as we get older, we begin learning about how to build words and spell things properly. As we reach junior high or high school, we are expected to be able to spell words very easily. When we reach college, we are expected to write full research papers and essays, filled with our profound ways of thinking and our well thought out ideas! In order to best express ourselves and our ideas, we must be able to spell words the right way! Take this quiz and see how many of these words you know how to spell without having to refer to a dictionary or without having to depend on a computerized spell checker!

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