Quiz: Only A Religious Historian Can Pass This Quiz About The Year 5 B.C.

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Are your history expertise strong enough to remember 5 B.C.?

A bunch of interesting things happened in the year 5 B.C. Does your expertise in history go that far? Prove it on this quiz!

 Feb 25, 2019

1 of 18Pick One:

The ___ calendar states that the year 5 B.C. started on a Monday.

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The year 5 B.C. is known as ___.
The year of the Sun and Moon
The Year of the Consulship of Augustus and Sulla.
The Year of Holy Matrimony

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True or False: Christianity was a recognized religion in 5 B.C.

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True or False: Jesus is assumed to have been born during the year 7 B.C.

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Also known as the King of Judea, ___ the Great died in 5 B.C.

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Who had control in the year 5 B.C.?

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True or False: The Roman Empire had expanded so quickly that they were able to own plots of land in Australia.

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5 B.C. is number 1162 on which ancient calendar?
Daytona calendar
Dilredgo calendar
Discordian calendar

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The Probable Supernova was able to be seen in the sky during ___.

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True or False: The Fall of the Western Roman Empire occurred during 5 B.C.

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The Chinese star was often associated with the Star of ___.

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True or False: Phraates V won the throne and became the king of the Parthian Empire in 5 B.C.

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The ruler of China, Emperor Guangwu, was born on ___ 5 B.C.
February 13
March 13
January 13

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True or False: John the Baptist is assumed to have been born during the year 5 B.C.

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True or False: In 5 B.C., the Roman Empire was known for containing over 4,000,000 citizens.

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Who came to the shepherds to let them know about the birth of Jesus Christ?
An angel
The owner of the inn

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Why did Mary and Joseph stay in a stable?
Hotels didn't exist in 5 B.C.
All of the inns were full
Mary gave birth unexpectedly and they had to plan accordingly

18 of 18Pick One:

According to the Bible, where was Jesus Christ born?
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According to The Bible, the year 5 B.C. is an extremely important year in history. The story begins by explaining how Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem because of an order from the Roman emperor. It stated that there needed to be a census or record, of all the people in their hometown. After traveling pregnant on a donkey for several days, Mary and Joseph eventually arrived to Bethlehem. Unfortunately, upon their arrival, they were told that there were no places to stay because all the inns were full! Seeing that Mary was due at any moment, an owner of an inn told Joseph that they could stay in his stable. While animals slept around them, Mary and Joseph had to settled down on some hay. To add to the story, when the baby was born, the only place for the baby to rest was most likely in the animals' trough.

During this time, an angel appeared to shepherds who were watching their flocks in the fields near Bethlehem. The angel told them the good news of the birth of the Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ. When the angel told the shepherds that they would find the baby sleeping in the manger, they immediately set off in the direction of the child.

Not only is this story well known, it is the reason for the Christmas season! One of the big details about this story revolves around WHEN it took place in history!

Now it's your turn to test your biblical knowledge! Let's see if you can recognize specific stories from 5 B.C.'s history!