Quiz: Only A Protestant Can Pass This Ultimate Christian A-Z Test. Can You?

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Do you know Christianity A to Z?

Knowing about the religion of Christianity from A to Z is pretty impressive! Can you make this confidently claim?

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When it comes to Christianity, we can take things through the entire alphabet to find out what we need to know! Every letter in the alphabet covers subjects and topics that are found within our wonderful and amazing Christian Bibles. We all love to read our Bibles and learn new things that the word reveals to us on a daily basis. Quizzes like this one can help us gage exactly what we know from the pages of our bible. Have you spent time reading through the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy? Genesis has fifty chapters and Exodus has 40 chapters! Both of those books are very long but worth the read! Leviticus is 27 chapters and Numbers is 36 chapters long. Each book and all if the chapters included are so insightful and important. The book of Joshua has 24 chapters and the book of judges has 21 chapters! Have you peeked at these pages and read a lot of these words before? The stuff in the bible is so completely wonderful and amazing! It covers everything from Adam and Eve to the end times mentioned and described in the book of Revelation. The books of the bible mentioned already were from the Old Testament but the New Testament is filled with a lot of awesome stuff too! The book of Matthew is the first book to open up and start the New Testament and it is one of the Four Gospels, along with Mark, Luke, and John! Each of these gospels tells the interesting and awesome story of Jesus Christ's life! Take this quiz and see what you know about the Christian faith from A to Z!

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