Preacher Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many of These Words Do You Know?

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Take this quiz to see how much preacher lingo you really know and how many church terms you have been keeping up with every Sunday!

Churches are filled with a whole lot of religious preacher lingo! Can you keep up with what they are talking about?

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When it comes to church, preachers have a very special way with their words. Communicating and conveying a biblical message in the right way is not always a walk in the park but preachers tend to know what they are doing because they have the right vocabulary in place for their job. Sunday church services are always pleasant to attend because it is a rare day that the message isn't exceptionally helpful and inspiring in many ways to all of the individuals who are seated in the congregation. Sometimes, people show up at church early to socialize with their friends over coffee, donuts, and bagels before the preacher gets started and those moments allow fond memories to be created that could never be replaced. Some parents drop their children off at the church daycare so that they can enjoy service without worrying about a crying infant or a bored ten-year-old. No matter how each family chooses to go about their church visit, they usually have something in common-- the fact that they are fully aware of what the pastor is preaching about when he or she speaks using specific lingo and terminology. Pastors, preachers, and leaders of the church can convey biblical messages in such eloquent and beautiful ways! There is no denying the fact that the verbiage and diction of a preacher is usually perfectly spot on a warm and welcoming Sunday morning. When it comes to preacher lingo, how many of these words do you truly recognize, know, and understand?

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