Police Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?

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Take this quiz on police lingo!

Police are an important part of society for keeping us safe! Take this quiz on police lingo to see what you know!

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Are you a courageous woman? Are you a valorous woman? Well, then you just might be a police officer! Those are just a few words that people might think to use when describing a police officer. Police officers are such a pivotal and important part of society because of what they set out to do every day. They have a purpose and that purpose is to serve and protect! They fight for justice, equality, and the continuation of freedom in accordance with proper law abiding by society's civilians! Police officers lock up bad guys every day to keep our streets safe from harm! They put away drunk drivers, serial killers, domestic abusers, thieves, narcotics dealers, and other criminals all the time! Without police officers around to clean up the messy streets by locking up the bad guys, the world would be a lot scarier of a place to try and survive in! Most officers are honest, respectable, and diligent people, just trying to do what they can to keep the world safe from danger! Police officers go head to head against bad guys with such a sense of courage that they deserve an award for it! Take this quiz on police lingo to show off how much you know about this brave and amazing career!

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