Palm Sunday | Can You Answer All Of These Questions About Lent?

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What do you give up for Lent?

What do you give up during Lent? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about this religious tradition!

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Time to see who really knows about Lent and who doesn't! Lent is a very big deal within the Catholic faith for many reasons. The top reason is that the season of Lent reminds us how important prayer is... it reconnects us to God if we are currently feeling distant from Him. People can give up food if they want, but Lent does not solely have to revolve around fasting. You can fast from afternoon naps, sweets, date nights, Netflix, video games, or anything else that pulls your attention away from God. We should not even choose to participate in Lent if we are not planning to do it with the right spirit and the right attitude. It is not about suffering... it is about unifying with the Lord and squashing distractions that tend to pop up in our hectic lives.

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