Surprisingly Few People Will Pass This Mega Quiz All About 2018. Will You?

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Do you remember 2018?

This quiz is all about the year of 2018! What exactly do you remember from this amazing year? Let's see what you recall!

 Dec 24, 2018
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2018 was an epic year! So many things happened over the twelve months of this awesome year, it is kind of hard to keep track of it all! For starters, music was a big deal in the year 2018 and a lot of awesome songs were released to the public! Donald Glover released "This Is America", Janelle Monae released "Make Me Feel", and Selena Gomez released "Back To You". Other artists dropped awesome songs to match those ones on the radio too! For example, Camila Cabello released a song called "Never Be the Same", Jason Aldean released "You Make It Easy", and Cole Swindell released "Break Up in the End"! Jason Aldean also released a song called "Drowns the Whiskey" and Jake Owen released "I Was Jack You Were Diane". Ashley McBryde released "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" and Jordan Davis released "Leaving New Orleans". Little Big Town released a hit song called "Summer Fever" and Jon Langston released a song called "When It Comes To Loving You". Obviously, when it comes to music, 2018 was an incredibly epic year! Aside from music, a lot of other major things happened in 2018 as well including things in the weather, celebrity lives, and the economy! Restaurants opened and closed, shows were renewed and canceled, and much more! One of the best things around the entire globe that starting changing for the better comes down to everyone thinking more deeply about Mother nature! Take this quiz and see how you do!