Quiz: Bet You Can't Pass This Italian "Slanguage" Test. Can You?

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Mammi mia! Do you know your Italian slang?

Italian slang? It's a thing and if you know all about it, you'll have no issues acing this "Slanguage" quiz!

 Oct 23, 2018

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You're daydreaming and someone says to you, "Sei nelle nuvole!" What exactly does that mean?
Don't be lazy!
You’ve got your head in the clouds!
Get back to work right away!

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Your manager at work tells you, "Prendere la palla al balzo!" What does that mean?
Take the bull by the horns!
Go home early!
You're fired!

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Your college roommate says, "Che palle!" after losing her wallet on the bus. What does that mean?
Call the police!
I am furious!
What a pain!

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Shelly's boyfriend uses the words "Amore a prima vista" when he talks about her. What is he saying?
She is prettier than all of his ex lovers
He cannot live without her
It was love at first sight

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If your friend keeps calling you "Una guastafesta", what is she calling you?
A carefree party girl
A boring party-pooper
A confusing woman

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A young couple are bickering on the street and one of them finally shouts "Basta!" What does that mean?
Screw you!
Just leave!

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If you know the literature "a fagiolo", it means that you know the literature:
Not at all!
To a T!
Very slightly!

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Lily's children kept rambunctiously knocking store items off the shelves so she shouted, "Non fai scumbari!"
You are all grounded!
No dessert for you!
Stop embarrassing me!

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If you ask someone what their plans for the future are and they reply by saying "Boh!", what does that mean?
None of your business
I don't know or care
Let me think

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The cop caught the thief stealing and said to him, "Cogliere in castagna!" What does that mean?
Don't you dare!
I've caught you red-handed!
Put those items back!

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Glenda earned a C- on her exam and felt badly about it. Her classmate told her, "Figurati!!" What does that mean?
You'll improve next time
Study harder
Don't worry about it

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Daphne cried out, "Magari!" as she fantasized about Hank asking her on a date.
If only!
No thanks!

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"Mi fa cagare!" Lorna whined, staring at the damage done to her vehicle during the car crash.
It's terrible!
I don't believe it!
It's your fault!

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Marjory said, "Dai!" to the slower stragglers at the back of the group during the tour.
Look at that!
Go away!
Come on!

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What does the slang phrase "Mollare qualcuno" mean in Italy?
To learn a new instrument
To break up with your significant other
To drink too much

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What does the Italian slang phrase "Fuori come un balcone" mean?
Financially wealthy
Out of your mind
Wearing a dress that is too loose

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What does the slang phrase "Beccare qualcuno" mean in Italy?
To eat right before bed
To flirt with someone
To hide a weapon

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What does the Italian slang phrase "Tutto sale e pepe" mean?
You are no longer employed
You need to eat healthier food
You are fun to be around
WOMEN.COM | Quiz Facts

When in Italy, it is easy to know what people mean when they say "Mamma mia!" They are saying "oh my gosh!". Momma mia is an easy way of expressing excitement or expressing the fact that you are impressed by something awesome! Mamma mia is one phrase out of many phrases that are considered slang in Italy. Italian people use just as much slang terminology as American people do! The usage of slang verbiage helps people feel more at home when they are traveling to foreign countries and places and trying to learn new languages. Speaking to locals using slang words and phrases can help the speaker feel like they aren't so out of place! Using Italian slang words like Essere nelle nuvole, Prendere la palla al balzo, Che palle, Amore a prima vista, and Una guastafeste might help you feel right at home! So will Italian slang words like Mettere il carro davanti ai buoi, Non fai scumpari, Cogliere in castagna, Avere le mani in pasta, and Come il cacio sui maccheroni! A lot of these slang words might seem like they are referencing food or something completely different but they aren't! They are sort of similar to America's usage of metaphors and similes. Italy is one of the best countries in the world to visit with its green, white, and red flag proudly waving and welcoming tourists to come through! The culture is excellent due to the music, food, people personalities, shopping centers, and more but the slang is probably the best part! Now it's your turn to prove that you know the slang!