Quiz: Only An Italian Can Ace This Holiday Traditions Quiz. Can You?

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Do you know about Italian Holidays?

Holidays in Italy are completely wonderful and spectacular since the traditions are quite grand! What do you know about these holidays?

 Dec 12, 2018
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Any American knows what the holidays are like in the United States! It's the way Italians do holidays over in Italy that is so interesting and intriguing. In America, people celebrate the New Year by watching a giant ball drop in the city of New York with fireworks and champagne! In America, people celebrate Valentine's Day by gifting their significant other with flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and romantic dinners! In America, people celebrate St. Patrick's Day by drinking beer, partying at local pubs and bars, and wearing green! In America, people celebrate Easter by setting up egg hunts for their little ones and attending church services! In America, people celebrate Memorial Day by parading around the American flag and spending time at home off of work! In America, people celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day by spoiling their parents with breakfast in bed and other thoughtful presents! In America, people celebrate the Fourth of July with barbecued hot dogs and colorful fireworks in the night sky! In America, people celebrate Halloween by dressing up in silly, sexy, or scary costumes to go partying or trick-or-treating! In America, people celebrate Thanksgiving by enjoying a feast with their families and sharing with each other about the things they are grateful for! In America, people celebrate Christmas by purchasing thoughtful gifts for each other, sipping hot chocolate, and singing Christmas carols! That's how things are done in the states! But how are things done in Italy? Take this quiz if you know about Italian holiday traditions!

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