Quiz: How Deep Are Your Irish Catholic Roots? Can You Get 18/18?

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Are you as Irish as St. Patrick?

Were you born and raised as an Irish Catholic? Take this quiz now to find out how deep your roots go!

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Irish Catholics are known for their strong beliefs! These beliefs are not just inspirational-- they are also wonderful! Do you consider yourself to be a true believer? If so, you have come to the right place!

According to Wikipedia, Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy, the youngest child of U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy, has referenced this cultural faith when she said, "I'm not sure I would make a direct connection between having press attention as a young person and being interested in the media as an older person. I came to it more organically, coming from a family of Irish Catholic storytellers. Storytelling is a pastime and important part of my family's history and culture."

According to Wikipedia, Eugene Cullen Kennedy was an intelligent psychologist, an award-winning writer, a brilliant intellectual, a syndicated columnist, and professor emeritus who taught lessons at Loyola University Chicago. He was also considered a laicized Catholic priest since he was a long-time observer of the Catholic Church. His works were spread out across many various genres! Eugene Kennedy also referenced the faith when he said, "The mystery of being human and, certainly, of being a Catholic lies in our embracing together the imperfect state known as the human condition. First and foremost, if we could ever be perfect or do things perfectly, we would eliminate mystery, an essential ingredient in the good life and the spiritual life." He is right about that! Human beings might make a lot of mistakes in our lives but this faith allows us to begin understanding God's forgiveness.

Does the Catholic faith run deep in your veins? If so, now is your chance to prove it! Enjoy!

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