IQ Test: Jewish Edition! Most People Can’t Score Over 60%, Can You?

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What is your Jewish IQ?

When it comes to having a religious faith like Judaism, having a high IQ means a lot! Let's test your Jewish IQ now!

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Knowing a lot of important info about the Jewish religion will come in handy for a quiz like this one today! There is much to know and a lot more to learn since when it comes to religion, we as people are always open to learning new things to help us grow! Jonathan Sacks spoke of the faith by saying, "Part of the beauty of Judaism, and surely this is so for other faiths also, is that it gently restores control over time. Three times a day we stop what we are doing and turn to God in prayer. We recover perspective. We inhale a deep breath of eternity." Noah Feldman also spoke of the faith by saying, "Since the birth of modern Orthodox Judaism in 19th-century Germany, a central goal of the movement has been to normalize the observance of traditional Jewish law - to make it possible to follow all 613 biblical commandments assiduously while still participating in the reality of the modern world." He brings up the subject of how tough it can be but it is always worth it! Visit now to discover more of the awesome quizzes we post on various subjects! There are quizzes on geographical lingo, books, religion, holidays, sports, love, movies, personality, music, and general trivia! These subjects are always very exciting to try when you want to take a break from your daily routine! Whatever subjects that might interest you can easily be discovered there! Don't forget to share your quiz results to all of your friends and family members too!

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