Interior Design Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Are you an Interior Design expert?

Interior design is a very cool thing to be good at! Do you know about the lingo and everything else behind this activity?

 Jan 31, 2019
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Interior design is one of the best ways a person can express themselves. Your living space should reflect the way you feel! Nate Berkus once said, "My favorite thing about decorating is mixing different periods and styles. If you have something that's old, and you really do want to mix those styles, then you have to add something that's obviously modern with it. You can't put a kind of a mediocre thing in the middle." We all love the idea of decorating things the way we want! Joanna Gaines once said, "A few years ago, I realized I was decorating and designing my house around what was beautiful rather than practical for my family. When I made that realization, everything kind of clicked for me. I started being intentional about designing spaces with my kids in mind rather than picture-perfect rooms." Designing different spaces is one of the best parts of being able to express yourself within your home!

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