Can You Answer All These Religious Questions In Honor Of Jesus' Birthday?

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How well do you know the day that marks the beginning of true miracles?

Do you look forward to December 25th every year? Jesus' birthday is an incredible and beautifully fun holiday to celebrate! How much do you know about it?

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The holiday season is a magical time of year. As you are surrounded by family and friends, snow falls around you and the streets are lite up with bright lights. People can be found purchasing christmas trees and placing cookies and carrots out for santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. However, if you were to remove the presents, lights, and christmas trees, would you be able recall the true reason why the holiday is celebrated?

Whatever your family traditions are for the holiday, many people seem to forget the true meaning of Christmas. Most Christian and Catholic churches tell the story of Christmas so that families can pass the knowledge onto their children and the younger generations. They explain the biblical story behind Jesus Christ's birth as a very beautiful story filled with love and adoration.

Now it is your turn to take a quick mental escape and show the world how well you know the day that marks the beginning of true miracles!

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