Quiz: Only Someone Who Loves History Can Answer These Questions. Can You?

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Are you historically factual?

How well do you Americas history? If you grew up loving history class then this quiz will be extremely interesting! Test you intelligence now!

 Nov 16, 2020

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Which of these artists is known for their work in Cubism?
Claude Monet
Pablo Picasso
Vincent Van Gogh

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What year did the Civil War end?

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What does the term 'abolitionism' refer to?
The pro-slavery movement
The movement to end slavery
The Western migration

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The case of Brown v. Board of Education dealt with ________.
racial segregation
the Great Migration

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Which of these men was NOT US President in the 1970s?
Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
Ronald Regan

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How did Marie Antoinette die?
Bow & Arrow

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Which famous musical was turned into a film starring John Travolta in 1978?
Les Miserables

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Who invented the light bulb in 1879?
Thomas Edison
Lyndon Johnson
George Orwell

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Ronald Reagan was the first "what" to become President of the United States?

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This artist was well-known for being tortured and cut off his own ear.
Vincent van Gogh
Charles Darwin
Niccolo Paganini

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What aspect of science did Charles Darwin focus on?

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The Great Depression started as a result of what event?
Black Tuesday (the stock market crash)
The housing market crashed
World War I

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Who was President during the Civil War?
Abraham Lincoln
Warren G. Harding
Herbert Hoover

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Who started the Peace Corps?
Ronald Reagan
John F. Kennedy
Herbert Hoover

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The word "Renaissance" literally means what?

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Which of these historical figures was the South African President and an anti-apartheid campaigner?
Winston Churchill
Nelson Mandela
Martin Luther King Jr.

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Mussolini formed a ________ government in Italy.

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Who was Margaret Thatcher?
First Russian female judge 1979 – 1990
Queen of England 1979 – 1990
British Prime Minister 1979 – 1990
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Certain historical events and historical figures who stand out to us in history create major changes and movements in today's society! Historical events like the invention of the telephone, the light bulb, and the automobile are very important to reflect on! Society has continued to grow and build upon those strong foundations of incredible inventions.

Historical figures like Marilyn Monroe lived between 1926 and 1962. She was known as an American actress, singer, and model. Abraham Lincoln lived between 1809 and 1865 and he was the US President during the American Civil War. Mother Teresa lived between 1910 and 1997 and she was the Macedonian Catholic missionary nun. Martin Luther King Jr. lived between 1929 and 1968 and he was an American civil rights campaigner for African American rights. Nelson Mandela lived between 1918 and 2013 and he was the South African President as well as an anti-apartheid campaigner. Queen Elizabeth II, born in 1926 is still alive today as the British monarch who has been in charge since 1954! These are just a handful of wonderful historical figures who made waves in history.

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