Quiz: How Well Do You Know The History Of Hanukkah?

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What do you know about Hanukkah?

Hanukkah is an amazing holiday to celebrate! It is for Jewish people and it is one of the greatest times of the year!

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Hanukkah is a wonderfully amazing Jewish holiday that overlaps with Christmas. Those who celebrate Hanukkah know just exactly how special of a holiday it truly is! The symbols of this special holiday include the menorah which has candles that must be lit each evening of the celebration! Jewish meals like latkes are served during this amazing holiday as well. Latkes are potato pancakes! Ralph Levy described this amazing Jewish holiday by saying, "We have focused on the miracle-thing and I think we often overlook the message of Hanukkah. To me, the core of the holiday is the cleaning of the temple... The accomplishment was in restoring the temple to the purpose for which it was built. Now think of the temple as a symbol. Perhaps it represents my life. The world has tried to use me for its own (perhaps good, but nonetheless extrinsic) purposes. But now I can dedicate myself to my own original purpose." He also said, "Now, near the Winter Solstice, it is good to light candles. All the nice meanings of bringing light to the world can be beautiful. But perhaps we are concentrating on lighting the world because we don't know how to light up our own lives." Hanukkah is such a wonderful holiday to celebrate for Jewish families because it is all about celebrating love and unity! This holiday helps Jewish families grow closer to each other and it is a wonderful thing! Take this quiz on Hanukkah and see how good you do when it comes to scoring!

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