Quiz: How Well Do You Know The History Of Christmas?

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Do you know the history of Christmas?

Christmas is one of the best holidays to celebrate ever! The holiday season is so fun and wonderful! Do you know Christmas' history?

 Dec 17, 2018
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Who doesn’t love holiday time? Eggnog, gingerbread cookies, and candy canes are only the beginning! There are so many holiday treats to enjoy on Christmas Eve and Christmas day like hot chocolate with marshmallows and the chocolate chip cookies that young children like to leave out for Santa! Have you ever taken the time to reflect upon how Christmas came to be such an epic and amazing holiday to this day? Nowadays, when people ask each other about what their favorite holiday is, most folks would easily and quickly say, “Christmas!” The holiday spirit around Christmas time is so wonderful and fun! Christmas trees and ornaments are part of the holiday decoration that most families invest in, but where did Christmas trees originate from? What about mistletoe? Mistletoe is a cute little plant that only comes out around Christmas time and it is hung from ceilings! Do you know what mistletoe is historically related to between people? There are so many Christmas facts to know about and keep up with when it comes to taking the time to learn about and think about Christmas’ origins! Christmas will always be one of the most fun holidays to prepare for because buying gifts for friends and family is so amazing and it provides such a selfless feeling! Do you know about where the origins of gift giving on pleasant Christmas mornings even came from in the first place? It is a wonderful biblical story that most of us probably already know about!