50 Historical People That Everyone Should Know. Can You Name Them All?

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Only history buffs please!

There are some incredible historical figures to think about! Do you remember all of them on the top of your head?

 Dec 20, 2018

1 of 50Which historical figure is captured in this photo?

John Quincy Adams
James Monroe
John F. Kennedy

2 of 50True or False:

Betsy Ross is the first woman known to sew the American flag.

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Between 356–323 BC, ___ was the King of Macedonia.
Alexander the Great

4 of 50The mother of Jesus is known as the virgin ___.

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5 of 50He was known for having a dream.

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Martin Luther King Jr.
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin D. Roosevelt

6 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Which historical figure wrote Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo & Juliet?
William Shakespeare
Ernest Hemingway
Mark Twain

7 of 50"The Weeping Woman" was painted by ___.

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Pablo Picasso
Vincent van Gogh
Leonardo da Vinci

8 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Who was known for being a scientist who studied radioactivity?
Marie Curie
Emmeline Pankhurst
Ada Lovelace

9 of 50Who is this historically iconic star?

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Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly

10 of 50Mona Lisa was painted by the famous ___.

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Claude Monet
Salvador Dali
Leonardo da Vinci

11 of 50True or False:

The Disney princess Pocahontas is actually based off of a true historic figure.

12 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Who is known to have written the Allegory of the Cave?

13 of 50Known for being the first president of the United States, this is ___.

Benedict Arnold
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln

14 of 50True or False:

Joan of Arc was nicknamed "The Maid of Orléans".

15 of 50Who is known for having an IQ of 160 and for inventing the refrigerator?

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Albert Einstein
Sigmund Freud
Niels Bohr

16 of 50True or False:

Margaret Thatcher was known for refusing to give up her seat on the bus due to her skin color.

17 of 50What is the name of this historical figure?

Newmarket Films
John the Baptist
Jesus Christ

18 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Mozart was known for ___.
Being a presidential candidate during the later years of the 1700s
Being a prolific and influential music composer during the classical era
Being an activist for women's rights

19 of 50True or False:

Galileo is known for discovering the laws of gravity and motion.

20 of 50Who was known for abolishing slavery everywhere in the United States?

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Oliver Cromwell
Abraham Lincoln
Lyndon Johnson

21 of 50Who was known as “The King of Rock 'n' Roll”?

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Elvis Presley
Michael Jackson
John Lennon

22 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Britain's first female prime minister was ___.
Mary Wollstonecraft
Angela Burdett-Coutts
Margaret Thatcher

23 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Coco Chanel was known for being ___.
The first woman to petition for a divorce from her husband
The first women to lead the American feminist movement
A French fashion designer and a business woman

24 of 50___ ___ currently holds the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

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Queen Elizabeth
Queen Esther
Queen Clarice

25 of 50True or False:

Amelia Earhart was the first women in history to fly solo across the Atlantic.

26 of 50True or False:

Muhammad Ali is known for his stance on LGBTQ rights in America.

27 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Who was known for creating Apple?
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
James Watt

28 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Who was known for being a famous African-American poet in the 20th century?
Katharine Graham
Zora Neale Hurston
Indira Gandhi

29 of 50Who is this historical figure?

Catherine de’ Medici
Eleanor Roosevelt
Lise Meitner

30 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Orville Wright and _______ Wright are brothers who invented and flew the world's first successful airplane.

31 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Who was known for creating light bulbs?
Adam Smith
Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell

32 of 50Choose Your Answer:

What philosopher was known for writing Metaphysics, Rhetoric, and Poetics?
Immanuel Kant

33 of 50This actress is impersonating what historic female figure?

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Isabella Bird
Jackie Kennedy
Bessie Coleman

34 of 50Who sponsored the development of the automobile assembly lines?

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Bill Gates
Henry Ford
Jesse Owens

35 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Who invented the first working telephone?
Mark Twain
Alexander Graham Bell
Simon Bolivar

36 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Who is known for composing Für Elise, Violin Concerto, and Symphony Number 5?

37 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Who is the Founding Father and author of The Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Woodrow Wilson
Nelson Mandela

38 of 50Who is this historical figure?

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Malcolm X
Oscar Wilde
John Steinbeck

39 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Jane Austen was known for ___.
Being an 18th-century female novelist
Being the first woman to vote in America
Giving birth to over twenty children

40 of 50This actress is portraying what historic female figure?

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Joan Robinson
Andrea Dworkin
Marie Antoinette

41 of 50Who painted Starry Night?

Pablo Picasso
Vincent van Gogh
Claude Monet

42 of 50True or False:

Babe Ruth is famous for his excellent skills in the sport of tennis.

43 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Frida Kahlo was known for ___.
Being a martyr for the Catholic faith
Painting famous artwork and self portraits
Marrying a Russian prince before the age of 18

44 of 50Choose Your Answer:

Why is Susan B. Anthony considered a historical figure?
She was a Dutch athlete and Olympian
She was a Japanese poet and novelist
She was an American women's rights activist during the suffrage movement

45 of 50What was Cleopatra known for?

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Living until the age of 101 years old
Ending three separate wars
Being a female Egyptian pharaoh

46 of 50What is the name of this historical figure?

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Benjamin Franklin
William Penn
George Orwell

47 of 50Best known for her movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's", this actress is ___ ___.

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Grace Kelly
Veronica Lake
Audrey Hepburn

48 of 50True or False:

Charles Darwin is known for writing down the theory of evolution and natural selection.

49 of 50Choose Your Answer:

What was Nelson Mandela known for?
He was a peace activist, philanthropist, and President of South Africa
He was the leader of the Catholic church during 1968
He was an animal rights servant

50 of 50True or False:

Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon.
Neil Armstrong
Michael Faraday
Richard Branson
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