Quiz: Can You Complete These Sentences With 100% Grammatical Accuracy?

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Do you think grammar is super easy?

We need grammar within the English language in order for communication to function properly! How much do you know about grammar?

 Nov 11, 2020
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Grammar is just one of those things that easily sticks in the minds of some while it floats away from the minds of others. One of the biggest grammar issues ever is the fact that people do not understand the differences between cool words like "your and you're" or "their, there, and they're". Words like to, two, and too confuse them as well and the list goes on and on! Each word has its own special meaning and as English speakers, we need to know what those true meanings are! When it comes to words like your and you're, it is easy to remember that the word "you're" is actually a combination of two words-- you and are! When you split the words apart and then try to fit them in the sentence, either the sentence makes sense or it doesn't! If it doesn't make sense, that means you probably meant to type in the word your. When it comes to the three ways of spelling there, "there" is in reference to a place, "their" is in regards to possession, and "they're" splits apart into they and are, just like "you're" splits into you and are! These words are all so very different and all it takes is some time and patience to figure out which word means what! Grammar is filled with much more than just this issue about these different homonyms, but this is one of the biggest issues that English speakers continually face and struggle with today!

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