Quiz: Are You Hawaii Enough To Answer All Of These HI History Questions?

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How much of Hawaii's history do you know?

Hawaii is so beautiful, exotic, and tropical! It is the perfect place to take a vacation. Do you know of its history though?

 Dec 07, 2018

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When were the Hawaiian islands first settled?
500 C.E.
400 C.E.
300 C.E.

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True or false: Hawaii became a U.S. territory in 1900.

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Who was the first European to set foot in Hawaii?
Captain Joseph Campbell
Captain Jeremy Crike
Captain James Cook

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Who united the Hawaiian Islands in 1810?
Kallawaua I
Kamehameha I
Kedaminalo I

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When did Hawaii finally officially become a state?

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Which battle took place on the shores of Oahu in 1795?
Battle of Nani
Battle of Ohana
Battle of Nuuanu

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True or false: Between 1820 and 1845, Lahaina was the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

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What opened for the first time on Kauai in 1835?
The first wheat plantation
The first cotton plantation
The first sugar plantation

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In 1889, what did Joseph Kekuku from Oahu invent?
Steel Banjo
Steel Drums
Steel Guitar

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Who launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Oahu during World War II?

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After a popular vote, Hawaii becomes the _____ State of the United States of America.

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In 1990, which volcano erupted, destroying the town of Kalapana?

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Who took over the throne when King David Kalakaua died in 1891?
Queen Liliuoquoa
Queen Liliuokalani
Queen Linalalea

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Which act established the Territory of Hawaii in 1990?
The Oregon Act
The Organic Act
The Origins Act

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When did the Japanese surrender?
April 2, 1968
September 2, 1945
January 2, 1988

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True or false: Workers from Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Portugal avoided Hawaiian islands in the 1850s.

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Between 1795 and 1874, which dynasty reigned over Hawaii?
Kamehameha Dynasty
Kapitol Dynasty
Kalluhah Dynasty

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What did Captain James Cook once label Hawaii?
The Stuffed Islands
The Surmountable Islands
The Sandwich Islands
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