This Is The Hardest Bible Quiz You'll Ever Take. Can You Pass?

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Can you pass this tricky Bible quiz?

The Bible can be a very complex book to read through! Are up for the challenge of this super hard Bible quiz?

 Jan 23, 2019

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What is the name of the day when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples?

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How did Gabriel the angel appear to Daniel in his vision?
He rode in on a horse
He emerged from the water
He flew in swiftly

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Which of the following things did NOT actually happen during Jesus' transfiguration?
Jesus' clothes shone white
Jesus ascended into the clouds
Elijah and Moses both appeared

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What is the meaning of Peter's name in the Bible?

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What book comes next after Revelation?

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How did God confirm the gospel?
By gifts of the Holy Ghost
By various miracles
All of the above

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Solomon made an agreement with the Pharaoh king of Egypt by doing what?
By sacrificing his lamb
By fighting for Egypt
By marrying Pharaoh's daughter

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Why was Pharaoh's daughter at the Nile the day Moses floated by?
She was drinking the water
She was swimming
She was bathing

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In the book of Jonah, what did the sailors do to calm the sea?
They threw Jonah overboard
They prayed to God
The walked on the water

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According to 1 John, how did God show us his love?
By laying his life down for us
By giving us choice
By teaching us hard lessons

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What happened when Peter spoke to the people who came together at the house of Cornelius?
There was an earthquake
Peter had a vision
The Holy Spirit came to those who heard the message

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According to the book of Job what is one way that God gets people to listen?
Through agression
Through pain
Through joy

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How did Peter view baptism?
As a way to clean both the body and the heart
As a pledge to follow the law
As the removal of dirt from the body

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In Psalm 106, who is called "the saint of the Lord"?

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Who was the governor of Syria at the time of Jesus' birth?

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What does the biblical word "Centurion" mean?
A tac collector in the city
Commander of a century in the ancient Roman army
A mythical creature

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What does the biblical word "Emmanuel" mean?
Holy spirit
God with us

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How is the book of Isaiah historically described?
The odyssey of Isaiah
The secrets of Isaiah
The vision of Isaiah
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This Bible quiz is NOT an easy quiz so for those of you who think you can ace it, give it your all! It is easy to answer questions about Jesus' miracles, his birth, death, and his resurrection! It is also easy to answer questions about Creationism with Adam, Eve, the Garden of Eden, and the serpent! t is even easy to answer questions about the rapture and the end times of Revelation! But this quiz won't focus on any of those super obvious topics or subjects-- this quiz will really make you think! It is good to be challenged sometimes with this stuff because the deeper we think and the more our minds ponder, the more we learn and the more we realize we know! Jim Elliot, a famous missionary who spreads the word of the Lord once said, "How wonderful to know that Christianity is more than a padded pew or a dim cathedral, but that it is a real, living, daily experience which goes on from grace to grace." How amazing is that? His words ring so true! It is wonderful how much freedom we get that allows us to take time out of our day and grow closer to God! He gave up his one and only son on our behalf so of course, we owe him time and attention! If you ace this quiz that means that you already know that fact, deep in your heart! Take this super tricky Bible quiz and see how well you do!