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Only someone with their Ph.D. could know all of these words! How smart are you when it comes to this PhD Level vocabulary? Ready to find out?

 Mar 14, 2020

1 of 22Define the word!

Indicate (Verb)
To hide
To point out
To go against the social norms of society

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Legislation (Noun)
Necessary items for a purpose
Uniform clothing

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Interpretation (Noun)
Treating someone unfairly
Process of intervening
Explaining what is obscure

4 of 22Define the word!

Authoritarian (Adj.)
Affecting the fundamental nature of something
Traveling behind someone
Enforcing strict obedience

5 of 22Define the word!

Analyze (Verb)
Not guilty of offense
Showing a lack of experience
Examine in detail

6 of 22Define the word!

Variable (Noun)
Deemed to be
An element that will change
A customary way of operation

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Consequences (Noun)
Bringing something to perfection
An effect of an action
Something of interest

8 of 22Define the word!

Coordinate (Verb)
Establish the truth
Instilling doubt
Bringing different elements into a relationship

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Dominant (Adj.)

10 of 22Define the word!

Exclusive (Adj.)

11 of 22Define the word!

Partnership (Noun)
Multiple owners
An abstract idea
A governmental system

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Sufficient (Adj.)
An occurrence

13 of 22Define the word!

Compensation (Noun)
To find something attractive
To be influential
Recompense for loss

14 of 22Define the word!

Hypothesis (Verb)
An educated guess
Available to consume
A person of noble birth

15 of 22Define the word!

Facilitate (Verb)
Making a process easier
Permitting allowance
Consisting of

16 of 22Define the word!

Presumption (Noun)
To not know something for certain
Complete perfection
Specific reasoning

17 of 22Define the word!

Fluctuate (Verb)
give someone permission to do something
rise and fall irregularly
discourage someone from doing something by instilling doubt

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Ambitious (Adj.)
Desire for success
Inability to perform
Force somebody to do something

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Contradiction (Noun)
Fixed in your purpose
Opposing someones argument
Intervening a situation

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Supplementary (Adj.)
Enhancing something
Marked by close acquaintance
Clearly decided

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Capitalize (Verb)
Use to your advantage
Delaying response
A systematic plan of action

22 of 22Define the word!

Constitutional (Adj.)
Relating to a set of principles governing a state
Angle to the horizon
Compete for something
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