Quiz: Can You Name All Of The Greatest Sports Coaches Throughout History?

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Do you know these coaches?

Sports coaches in history have been totally amazing when it comes to record-breaking! How many coaches do you know?

 Dec 18, 2018
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Have you ever just fallen in love with an amazing sports team, from any possible sport, and just totally credited your love for that team to the team's coach? A lot of us have done that because a lot of sports victories and game wins are guided and led by the help and guidance of an excellent coach who knows exactly what he is doing! Sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, football, and volleyball are fun to watch because the players on the teams work so well together to gather trophies and triumphs. But their coaches are the true MVP's because the coaches are the ones who figure out who plays in which spots and they also plan out exactly how things are supposed to go! We have got coaches like Phil Jackson, Rick Pitino, Pat Riley, Bill Parcells, Bob Knight, and Steve Spurrier who make a difference in every game they have coached over the course of their lifetimes! We also have got coaches like Dean Smith, Vince Lombardi, Geno Auriemma, Nick Saban, Herb Brooks, and Casey Stengel who do a great job with every game they lead! And who could possibly forget about a coach like Mike Krzyzewski? A lot of these coaches will go down in history for being super smart and great at their job. Coaching is not an easy gig because a lot of the game results are based on the coach's decisions! Take this quiz right now to see how many coaches you know and recognize!

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