German Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Do you know German lingo?

The lingo in Germany is pretty cool! If you are comfortable speaking it, then you probably fit right in when in Germany!

 Jul 13, 2020

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What is the German word for bread?

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How do you say "Germany" in German?

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How do you say "Good Evening" in German?
Guten Abla
Guten Abode
Guten Abend

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What does the word "Die" mean in German?

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Joe asked "Wie geht es dir?" What was he asking?
Am I late?
How much does it cost?
How are you?

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How would you say "flower" in German?

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If Penny wants to visit the "Stadt" where does she want to visit?
The neighbor's house
The beach
The city

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How would you say the word "How" in German?

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Claire asked "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" What is she asking?
Do you speak German?
How tall are you?
Are you single or married?

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In Germany, how would you ask someone else what their name is?
Wie heißen Sie?
Wan heißen Slo?
Wen heißen Sae?

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What does the word "Warum" mean?

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Jennifer said, "Ich liebe dich!" What is she saying?
I miss you!
I hate you!
I love you!

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True or false: The word "Placet" means "Please" in German.

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John asked the girl, "Woher kommst du?" What is asking her?
Do you like me?
Where are you from?
Are you busy?

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When you part ways with someone in Germany, you might say what?
Auf Wiedersehen
Aufan Wied
Alanto Wiedersa

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True or false: "Ich verstehe nicht" means I don't understand.

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How would you say "Eat" in German?

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Bella said, ""Entschuldigung!" in the crowd. What is she saying?
Excuse me!
I need directions!
It's too loud!
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Speaking German lingo is amazingly cool and if you are one of the people out there that can do it, good for you! A lot of German's lingo is complicated for American speakers but there are many cultures who take the time to learn since Germany is such a wonderful and incredible place! Harry Houdini is a famous American magician who loves Germany so much that he said, "I think that in a year I may retire. I cannot take my money with me when I die and I wish to enjoy it, with my family, while I live. I should prefer living in Germany to any other country, though I am an American, and am loyal to my country." Monica Crowley described the strength and resilience of Germany by saying, "Germany was beaten after World War I, but it didn't take long for it to rise again as a much more malignant threat. The end of World War II was not to be a compromise; it was to come about from the total annihilation of the enemies' ability and will to make war." Priyanka Chopra, a famous actress who is engaged to marry Nick Jonas, spoke about the fact that America's view on art needs to eventually reach Germany's level when she said, "Art should not be bound by barriers or language. The Hindi film industry is a testament to that. We speak only Hindi, but we premiere in Germany and Japan. Our films do phenomenally well there. We transcend the barriers of language and culture. We welcome you in. I think that's what art should be, and I hope America reaches that place." Take this quiz on German lingo and see how much of it you know!