Quiz: These 20 General Knowledge Questions Will Make You Scratch Your Head

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Ready to scratch your head?

Are you someone who considers themselves to be a critical thinker? Let's see how much general trivia knowledge you really know!

 Jun 23, 2019
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Ready to test your levels of critical thinking? This trivia quiz is focused on subjects that interest people like mixed trivia, logic questions, brain busters, and critical thinking! Did you pay attention to science class in high school because we might stump you with a few questions about land animal speeds and the solar system! Did you pay attention to history class? We do not want you to get caught up with questions about presidents or important signed documents from history!

If you truly believe in your trivia capabilities, then the time has come! If you are ready for a challenge, all you have to do is press the "play" button! Once hit, you will embark on a journey into the world of trivia. If you are ready to escape, good luck because we think you will need it!

Our goal at women.com is to make people feel good about who they are, no matter what time of day it is! Whether or not you are in an office or enjoying a break at home, the time has come to "Treat Yoself"! By clicking, "let's Play" you are embarking on an relaxing break from the outside world to do something that you will HIGHLY ENJOY. So take a breath, flex your fingers, and stop whatever you're doing. It's time to have a little fun. This three-minute escape is exactly what you need!

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