Everyone Is A Combination Of One Food And One Animal. Which Are You?

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See what animal and food combination you are!

Take this quiz to uncover which combination of animal and food your personality really is, deep down inside!

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We as people totally relate to animals when it comes to the way we act, the things we like, and the activities we choose to partake in. The cool thing is that we also relate to food too! Being a sweet hearted person can remind your friends and loved ones of sweet treats like candy, donuts, or pancakes! Our personalities are all so vastly different from each other so it is nice when we can peg what we relate to with amazing and fun quizzes like this! Some animals are more loyal and friendly than others and some are more independent and dignified. Other animals are considered adventurous and funny and we as human beings share some of those character traits as well. Some food items are enjoyable and depending on a person's mood and attitude, there are certain things you might enjoy more than other people! Being able to relate to a specific combination of food and animal is very cool! This quiz will reveal what combination is for you, on a personal level! Do you prefer being indoors, outdoors, or are both? Which meal do you enjoy the most-- breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert? Are you a social person in a major way, a medium way, or not at all? There are so many questions one could ask and answer in order to find out what type of personality they truly have!

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